Animal Licensing

Dog Tags

By law (see the ordinance), dogs in Raton must be registered and wear a dog tag. Dog tags shall expire December 31st of every year and owners shall renew by January 31st. In order to receive a dog tag:

  • Dog must be current with its rabies vaccine.
  • Owner must provide certificate of vaccination showing expiration of rabies vaccine.
You can purchase a dog tag at Raton City Hall.

Fees for Dog Tags

  • $2 

Renew Your License Annually 


Hobby Breeders License

By law (see the ordinance), No person, group of persons or business entity in the municipality may own , keep or harbor more than 4 dogs of 3 months of age or older, without maintaining a hobby breeder license.

The annual hobby breeder license fee shall be $150.00 and shall expire December 31st of each year and shall be renewed by January 31st of the following year.