Emergency Management

If there is an emergency, call 911.

72-Hour Emergency Kit
City of Raton Emergency Operations Plan

The goal of Emergency Management is to save lives, prevent injuries, protect property
and the environment if an emergency occurs. Our mission includes the development and
coordination of the City’s whole community approach to Emergency Management,
enabling effective preparation for an efficient response and recovery from all suspected
hazards that face our community. To accomplish this, the Office of Emergency
• Develops plans and procedures to ensure the highest levels of mitigation,
Planning, preparedness, response and recovery.
• Maintains a comprehensive, risk-based, multi-hazard mitigation plan.
• Conducts a variety of exercises designed to prepare, evaluate and improve the
Cities and our partner’s ability to respond and recover from a disaster.
• Works closely with neighboring Cities, Counties and State agencies.
Emergency Management begins with you and your family. Starting at home and work,
preparing for all types of disasters. We would encourage you to use this site to help prepare
yourself and your family in the event of an emergency.

• Create an Emergency Plan 
• Winter Weather Safety 
• Wildfire Safety 
• Tornado Safety 
• Flood Safety 
• Lightning Safety 
• Earthquake Safety 
• Hazard Mitigation Plan
• Road Conditions & Weather