Code Enforcement

 What is Codes Enforcement?
The Raton Fire & Emergency Service’s Code Enforcement Section enforces codes and regulations that promote the health, safety and welfare of all citizens. The mission is to preserve the environment and beauty of our city.
Code Enforcement officers work with the residents, businesses and other organizations to:
• Empower our community through education and awareness of city ordinances
• Facilitate compliance with city ordinances
• Develop outreach programs
• Initiate special programs targeting specific problems
The officers do this by checking residences & business's for environmental issues (weeds, trash etc.) Other situations that the Code Enforcement officers are called upon may include inoperable vehicles, illegal dumping, graffiti, and dilapidated buildings.

The Codes Enforcement Officers work with the various departments in the City of Raton to strive for a clean, safe & healthy community.

The question has arisen from time to time, especially during summer time of the year, why worry about controlling the weeds. Certainly with the monsoon season upon us, the weeds appear to be taking over any spare piece of dirt and even the areas with vegetation already growing. Some of the larger problems with the additional weed growth consist of increased allergies, more camouflage for rodents, snakes and insects (to include mosquitos) and of course simply, unsightly. Additionally, the weed growth will reduce the area for native vegetation to grow, including that lawn that you’ve paid good money to water, cultivate and maintain.

Ordinances that we enforce include, but are not limited to:
• Unsheltered junk
• Abandoned/Inoperable vehicles
• Littering
• Nuisances/Weeds
• Illegal dumping
• Dilapidated buildings
• Graffiti

For information on other ordinances, refer to the Raton Code of Ordinances.
• Community Cleanup
• Raton Pride "Keep It Clean"
• Living With Bears