Did You Know?

  1. Cost of a Hotel in Early 1900s

    Learn about the differences in the cost of hotels now and then.

  2. First Public School in New Mexico

    Read about the first public school in New Mexico.

  3. Mystery about Raton Basin

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  4. Our Wild Animal Neighbors

    Discover how to learn about living alongside wild animal neighbors.

  5. Raton is 10 Miles from Colorado

    Take a look at the location of Raton.

  6. Raton is Filled with Art

    Peruse the art of Raton.

  7. Raton was Originally Named Willow Springs

    Learn about the history of Raton's name.

  8. Rough Riders from Raton

    Research more about the Rough Riders.

  9. Sugarite: Top 10 in the Nation

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