Raton Regional Recycling Hub Facility

In 2012, Raton opened the Raton Regional Recycling Hub Facility (RRRHF) in the Armex Building, 420 East 4th Avenue. The RRRHF will accept recyclable materials from Raton (the hub) and the surrounding communities (the spokes). Under a grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Program, Raton has acquired a baler to prepare materials collected from throughout Northeast New Mexico.

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation are currently limited to the first Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and on an as needed basis for large loads of materials (call 575-445-9181). Check back for information on additional hours. We are working on acquiring collection trailers, which are expected to be spread around the area and be available for daily deposits of materials.


The goal of the RRRHF is to divert recyclable materials away from the municipal and regional landfills. Additionally, materials will be made available to supply regional and national industries utilizing recyclable resources.

Accepted Materials

Corrugated Cardboard
Corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags
Mixed Paper
Junk mail, magazines, and newspapers
Plastic #1
Bottles with necks, caps, and labels like water and soda bottles or salad dressing
Plastic #2
Bottles like laundry detergent, milk, and juice jugs (No motor oil products)
Steel / Tin Cans
Clean soup, vegetable, pet food, and sauce containers
Beverage cans, clean food containers, pie pans, and foil

Other Recycling Options

In Raton, there are non-governmental organizations where you can take selected recyclables. Citizens for the Developmentally Disabled is located at:
230 E 4th Ave.,
Raton, NM 87740

Citizens for the Developmentally Disabled will pay a variable rate for aluminum cans and some types of copper. Call them at 575-445-5674 for collection days and times.